Flat Roof Repair is easy but finding the cause of the leak is not – New Canaan, Westport

When it comes to flat roof repair, don’t feel overwhelmed. Serving New Canaan to Westport. There are many ways and tricks fixing leaks on flat roofs. Most of the flat roof repairs needed are around vents flat roof drains and chimneys.

Flat roof repair – Very seldom will a leak be from the roof membrane itself. Most rubber roofs are durable and can hold water. Most roof leaks are due to flashing problems. Laying down a roof is pretty easy, but connecting a membrane to another material, like metal flashing becomes tricky. Every roofer has their own methods on how to do so. The cause of a roof leak must be found before it can be repaired. There are many factors that could cause a leak.

This is a list of things to look for when considering a flat roof repair

  1. Overlapping seams of the rubber roof.
  2. Flashing around skylights.
  3. Vent pipes – the rubber boot around the pipe.
  4. Chimney’s – Is the flashing and grout sealed and tight.
  5. Transitions from a flat roof to a shingle roof.
  6. Doors – when a door leads out to a roof, the door sill could cause leaks.
  7. Windows – open storm windows, air conditioners in windows, rotten window sills.
  8. Valleys of a shingle roof leading onto a rubber roof.
  9. Metal edging on the perimeter of a rubber roof.
  10. The age of the roof – naturally if a roof is 20 years or older, then the membrane could also cause problems.

Temporary Repairs 

After finding what causes the leak, it is relatively easy to repair a flat roof.

A temporary repair can be done using caulking. It is advisable not to make to much of a mess when making such repairs, because cleaning up to make a more permanent repair becomes more expensive. Before fixing a leak, it is essential to determine what type of material is on the roof. There are mainly two materials used, EPDM or Modified Bitumen. It is critical not to use any petroleum products on an EPDM rubber. The tar will eat through the synthetic rubber or damage it.

Flat roof Repairs -Modified Bitumen Rubber roofs are the best systems for Flat Roofs. New Canaan, Westport, Connecticut.

Before making a Flat Roof Repair, you need to determine the kind of material.

How to determine what rubber membrane you have:

This is what an EPDM rubber roof looks like. It is smooth and has fewer seams. They often need repairs. New Canaan, Westport, Connecticut

EPDM rubber is very smooth and mostly black. If you know what an inner tube of a car tire looks like, then that is what EPDM rubber is. The rubber is very smooth and easy to clean. They come in a variety of widths, and so you will have large surfaces that have no seams. Most of the time you will notice a bead of caulk at seams and flashing. The image shows a Flat roof we repaired in Greenwich.

Flat Roof repairs - This is what a EPDM rubber roof looks like. It is smooth and have less seams. They often need repairs. New Canaan, Westport, Connecticut

Modified Bitumen Torch down

When it comes Flat Roof repairs, Modified Bitumen Torch Down is the easiest to fix. Modified Bitumen Membranes – They come in different styles. The most common are plain, white or black granular surfaces. These membranes are three feet wide. You will see a seam every 3 feet. If you look carefully, you will notice how excessive material is bleeding out from the seam when it was heat welded. The image shows a Flat Roof we did in New Canaan.

Modified Bitumen Membranes are easy to maintain if needed by anyone. New Canaan, Westport CT

Tar and Gravel Roofs

Hot Tar and Gravel roofs are still around. Most of them are at the age of being replaced. There are still roofers in the country that installs Tar and Gravel roofs. To make a Flat roof repair on such material is extremely difficult and could lead to disaster. Only if the roof is relatively new, it is worth making repairs. It is important to use the proper materials to make Flat Roof repairs. Each type of roof requires different treatment when it comes to repairs.

Flat Roof Repairs -Hot Tar and gravel roofs often needs repairs due to their age. New Canaan, Westport, CT
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