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Commercial Flat Roof prepped for a Rubber roof. Greenwich Pittsburgh

Greenwich, CT., and Pittsburgh. We removed all the roofing materials down to the plywood. Installed fiberboard, base membrane than a Modified Bitumen membrane. Pittsburgh PA and Stamford CT and White Plains NY

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This is the best way to deal with an old Tar and Gravel roof. It is also the most expensive way to go. When we do commercial roofs, we use only the highest grade materials. Every roof is guaranteed to last 30 – 40 years. Greenwich, CT

The best  Rubber material for Commercial Flat Roofs are Modified Bitumen Torch Down 2 ply systems

When stripping a Tar and gravel roof, most of the time you will find copper flashing that is still good to use. It only takes the time to clean and prepare the flashing for re-use. But it is still better than replacing the flashing with new. The reason is because the old flashing is intact under the siding. New flashing will require removing siding, which will be more costly.

In the next video, we show how we build up the low section of the roof to prevent ponding. It is essential to make sure that there are no low spots on the roof where water could stand. Unfortunately, the roof drains were very high and it took a lot of materials to build the roof up so water would flow to the drain.

To prevent water ponding we installed 1/2″ fiberboard to level the roof in areas. We used three-inch washers with decking screws to secure the fiberboard.

We used peel and stick base paper. It is the best system for any flat roof. It is also more costly. Then we install Modified Bitumen Rubber membrane. This rubber membrane will last 30 -50 years with the base we installed.

The most common problem with flat roofs is the flashing. Most roofers have difficulty with connecting the rubber roof with flashing. That is where most roofs fail.