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We are the Flat Roof Experts and will help you save money and a lot of aggravation. For the last 20 years, we have been repairing and installing commercial flat roofs. The EPDM rubber roofing system is on our top list of the worst roofing system. We still believe that the 2 ply Torch Down system is by far the best and most cost-effective to install with little maintenance over its lifetime.

This Video shows why a 2 Ply Torch Down Rubber Roof is far better than any other roofing system

We are the Flat Roof Experts for Modified Bitumen Torch Down

The 2 Ply Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing system outperforms all other roofing systems. If you have a flat roof with a Torch Down roofing system, then the chances are good that we can repair it if necessary. If a Modified Bitumen Torch Down roof had the silver coating maintained over the years, the chances are that the rubber is in very good condition.

Our experience on flat roofs will help you save money and have a maintenance free roof for many years to come.

EPDM Rubber on Flat Roofs

If you have an EPDM Rubber flat roof that has been installed over 10 years, then the chances are that you will have to replace the roof. Because of the black surface of an EPDM Rubber roof, the Ultraviolet rays will dry it out and cause it to shrink. The adhesives that were used to bond the seams together also will break down and with the shrinkage and adhesive breakdown, the entire roof is compromised.

Our flat roof experience in EPDM is that it is not worth repairing EPDM rubber roofs if they are older than 8 years.

Naas ferreira - Consultant for Flat Roofs

Naas Ferreira

I have been in the roofing industry for over 20 years. My experience and knowledge will save you a lot of money when it comes to flat roofs.

Erik ferreira - Expert on flat roofs

Erik Ferreira

He has been working on flat roofs for over 12 years. His knowledge and expertise will help you make a better decision on whether you should repair or replace your flat roof.

Andre Ferreira - Expert on flat roofs

Andre Ferreira

Andre has been working on flat roofs since he was 16. Besides flat roofs, he also does slate, copper and cedar roofs.

What is the cause of the leak on a flat roof?

  • Skylights – The seal around the skylight or the flashing.
  • Chimneys – Field Stone chimneys are prone to leak. The flashing around the chimney is the biggest problem.
  • Chimney Crowns – The top of a chimney can cause leaks below.
  • Vent pipes – Some vent pipes come with a rubber gasket that will perish over time.
  • Door sills – Any door leading onto a deck or roof area can cause leaks.
  • Siding – Siding that is rotten or not covering the flashing can cause leaks.
  • Shingles – When it butts into a shingle roof. The leak can come from a shingle roof and valleys.
  • Pitch pockets – The area where air conditioner’s piping and wires penetrate can cause leaks.
  • Air conditioners – Curb flashing around air conditioners are the first areas to look for trouble.
  • Drip-edges – The metal edging on the perimeter where the membrane is attached is a big factor for leaks.
  • Rubber roof – Sometimes the seams on the membrane can come loose to cause leaks.
  • Drains – Blocked drains or a clogged strainers can cause problems
  • Gutters – they are always giving some problem. High maintenance item
  • Scuppers – Very inexpensive Drain system. The rubber membrane that is attached to the scupper, in many cases will pop loose.

It is not the roof but the roofer!

The most common mistakes roofers make:

  • Not using the correct materials for the specific situation.
  • Not bonding the rubber material to flashing correctly.
  • Not having proper flashing.
  • Taking short cuts by skipping steps in installation.
  • Not having enough experience in glues, bonding cement, and heat welding. (as in torch)
  • Using inexpensive roofing cement (tar) to repair a rubber roof.
Flat Roofs - Repairing and Installing flat roofs
  • We are the Flat Roof Experts and Specialists.

  • We Repair and Install rubber roofs

  • We do Residential and Commercial flat roofs

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Making repairs on a flat roof can affect the integrity of the rest of the roof. Make sure you use the right material. Redding and New Canaan.

All roofs are not alike. Every flat roof has a signature as to the quality of material and technique that was used. Ninety percent of the time a leak can be contributed to the way the material was installed. For the most part, the large surface is not the problem, but when it comes to the flashing, that’s when technique becomes very important.

How the rubber material is attached to metal is very critical.  In the case of EPDM contact cement is used to attach to attach the rubber to metal. If the flashing is not very clean and fairly flat without dents, the chances of a leak are increased.

Modified Bitumen is a petroleum based product and therefore a tar like product must be used to do the flashing. Most of the time roofers will use an inferior tar to attach the membrane to metal. Using the wrong brand or cheap tar will cause a failure in the flashing to membrane attachment very fast.

To make repairs the first thing to inspect is to see if the transition from the rubber membrane to the flashing is done correctly. Most leaks spring from those areas. It’s harder to repair an EPDM rubber roof than a Bitumen roof.

  • Any roof can be repaired if it is not too old.
  • The old Hot Tar and Gravel systems are very hard to repair.
  • Most of the time it is the installer that is to blame and not the material.
  • Most of the time a leak stems from something else than the rubber roof itself. (skylights, drains, air conditioners, vent pipes, flashing)
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