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Commercial Residential Rubber Roofs

Commercial Residential Rubber Roofs – The same roofing materials apply to a Commercial roof as on a Residential roof. It is a myth that there is a higher standard for commercial roofing than that for a residential roof.

The same techniques and equipment are used to install flat roofs on commercial as well as residential flat roofs. The roof technicians experience determines the quality of the roof.

In this video, you will see how we prepared an existing roof on the house and then torched a new rubber membrane over the existing roof.

Notice that the preparing the flashing was the tricky part. Residential roofs are harder to do due to flashing and siding.

More costly to install a flat roof on a Residential building

It is much more difficult to install a flat roof on a residential roof than a commercial roof. There are much more obstacles, flashing, siding and skylights to deal with in a very confined area. For this reason, it cost more per square foot to install.

In the video above you will see that the preparation of the flashing was the hardest and took much longer than installing the new rubber roof. Residential roofs are notorious for taking much longer to prepare for a new roof. This is why most roofing companies fail to provide a roof that doesn’t leak. They never take the time to prepare the flashing.

Watch this video on Rubber Roof Installation

The Best Rubber Roof available

Regardless if you install a Torch Down Rubber Roof over an existing Torch Down rubber roof or over a Modified Bitumen Base sheet, this is by far the best roofing system. It is harder to install over an old Torch Down Roof because it takes longer to heat and melt the old rubber to fuse the new rubber membrane to it.

Commercial Residential Rubber - Two Ply Rubber Roof Installed - This is the best roofing system in the industry

Commercial Residential Rubber Roofs

In the image, you can see what a base layer looks like before the final layer is installed. This base sheet allows for a perfect Final layer to be melted to it making it a Two Ply Torch Down System.

commercial residential rubber roofs- This is the installation of the First layer before Torching the final layer on top