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Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs are inevitable over the years. The chimney crown or the cement grout or the flashing will need to be redone. The North where ice conditions are is where most repairs on chimneys are needed.

Chimney Repair and Re-pointing

Repointing a chimney is not the easiest thing. Watch the video what it took to remove the cement grout to be able to re-point the chimney.

Chimney and Flat Roof Leaks – Brownstoners of Brooklyn and NY – Video

Chimney and Flat Roof Leaks  Most chimneys and parapet walls are covered with tar, as a repair, to prevent leaks, however, the tar dries, hardens, and cracks creating fine fissures ...
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A fieldstone chimney that is leaking

How to seal a chimney leak permanently?- Watch video

Don't mess up a chimney with any kind of sealant. A proper chimney seal is crucial for any flat roof. Mortar cracks, chimney flashing and crown deterioration on a chimney ...
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Chimney Grouting or Re – Pointing

Chimney Re Pointing or Regrouting Chimney Grouting or Chimney Repointing. This is the most neglected part of chimney repairs. Most people will just try to caulk cracks or use some ...
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Chimney’s – a big cause of roof leaks

Chimneys have their functions but cause leaks on flat roofs Chimneys are constructed from the following materials:
  1. Oven baked bricks. (red clay bricks)
  2. Cinder block
  3. Fieldstone
  4. Wood framed chimneys with ...
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Chimney leaks. Maintenance of a chimney. Serving Ridgefield to Greenwich

Chimneys: Locating Leaks and Maintenance Needs -watch Videos Watch this video to see how we wrap it with a membrane to preserve it. Chimneys are constructed in three sections:

Chimney Repair and Maintenance Greenwich to Westport. Schedule a chimney checkup.

Chimney Repair and Maintenance Greenwich to Westport. Schedule a chimney checkup. Watch the video on tips on what to look for to fix a chimney. Most chimneys do need some ...
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