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Watch the video on tips on what to look for to fix a chimney. Most chimneys do need some maintenance over the years. The flashing comes loose or the grouting starts breaking out. Most roof leaks are due to lack of chimney maintenance.

There are three basic areas of a chimney that needs to be checked.

  • The crown – That’s the cement slab at the top of the chimney. After many years the slab cracks and water get inside the chimney causing the water to freeze during winter. This will crack the chimney or bricks.
  • The face – That’s the brick or stone part of the chimney. Many times the grouting has cracked or the stone is coming loose due to the crown that was letting.
  • This stucco chimney needs maintenance. When a chimney gets neglected like this one, then it will cause a roof leak.
This stucco chimney needs maintenance
Stone chimneys are one of the worst chimneys to deal with. Most of the time it is the mason that did not do a good grouting that causes the problem